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Every year you will see plenty of web development changes that makes it critical for CTOs to keep up and adapt with the trends.

In this article we will see what are the emerging trends in web development during 2022.

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1. Artificial Intelligence:

In 2022 every CTO should be prepared to introduce the clients to the idea of deploying AI into their web application development plans.

In the past, getting AI to operate on the web was considered unnecessary and complicated because of the lack of computation power held by most web browsers. 

But, with the fairly recent induction of the machine learning library Tensorflow.js in 2020, Machine Learning models can run straight from the browser without needing to create and send over data to an external server. 

 In the upcoming year, the use of Tensorflow.js to develop most web applications will skyrocket as the trend started by many of the Top Machine Learning Companies in North America from 2020 onwards.

Several Machine Learning models can perform data analysis tasks like linear regression, object detection, and classification. 

With the help of Artificial intelligence, web applications can be built to manage your clients’ data securely without sending it to the server. It also addresses many security concerns with the implementation of AI systems.

For the upcoming year, CTOs should be able to identify and understand new Machine Learning Design Patterns and have a plethora of options for their clients to pick from. The right intelligence platforms can greatly increase your clients’ ROI and be especially rewarding for your reputation as a CTO.


2. Cyber Security Implementation:

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In 2022 the need for enhanced cyber security is as prevalent as ever.

 In 2021 one of the biggest cyber ransomware attacks was launched on the National Basketball Association. A hacker group, commonly known as Babuk, claimed to have stolen 500 GB worth of confidential information on the Houston Rockets.

The collected data included financial matters, contracts, and legal documents. Ultimately, they were able to use this classified data as leverage over this reputable organization with millions of dollars in funding. The hackers threatened that all the data would be made public unless their demand of $50 million was met in full.

This and other cyber attacks on organizations large and small have led business owners to batten down the hatches and double down on their security systems. 

Efficient CTOs should ensure that during development, multiple methods of security implementation are discussed and considered before they even identify the best Web Application Architecture.


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3. Cloud Computing Boom:

With the rising shift of workers transitioning to online work environments, companies and businesses are spending their time and money on making their platforms and technologies faster, easier, and more accessible to their users.

 In 2020, global cloud spending was $313 billion. Gartner predicts spending in 2022 will amount to $482 billion.

 Cloud technologies make others indisputable faster and within reach. This is a key factor of why services in companies are starting to transition to cloud platforms. As a CTO, knowing the right implementation strategies and different existing cloud platforms will be a great asset to your team.


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Written by Aamina Anjum

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