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1. Green in Construction
We just changed our toilets in home and I realized the significance of green in construction – Thanks in part to new building codes and tax incentives–along with a rebound in the housing market–eco-friendly building is having a moment. With a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable materials, green-construction practitioners can present not only beautifully designed buildings but also high levels of profitability in future.
2. Mobile Health
Thanks ObamaCare and the disaster waiting to happen in terms of costs about to sky rocket in Canada – Govt are imposing massive changes in the policy and technology realms, health care businesses–particularly mobile health services–are awash in revenue potential. (Think web-based vital-signs kits and health-records apps.) Some estimates project the industry will surpass $10 billion by 2018—-that is, if the new startups can ensure Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA compliance.
3. Health & Specialty Food
With unexpected rise in Cancer and other previously unknown diseases in kids like Autism – the economic recovery has certainly been better for some than others. Those who have a bit more in their pockets these days are eager to spend it on you guessed it: leafy greens? That’s right, everything organic are selling like hot cakes. In 2012, total specialty-food sales launched above $85 billion, according to the Specialty Food Association
4. Business Applications
Mobile apps aren’t just for teenagers who want to send each other disappearing messages. Businesses want their employees to have need-to-know information and tools at their fingertips. If you can cut through the noise of Apple’s App Store, the greatest need is coming from financial-services firms, the federal government and retailers
Posted by Nauman J on Nov 23rd, 2014