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This blog post and its associated images have been reproduced with the explicit permission of TkXel , MarkiTech’s technology partner.

Written by,
Umair Maqsood, Heads Marketing, TkXel

With changing technology trends, the practice of designing and developing applications also transformed (so much) that mobile and web app development now has an entirely new face. App developers are of the view that unique things should keep coming up and diversity must be present.

Foundation of whatever app which is being developed should also be addressed properly because once the main focus is shifted – sustainability of any business can also get affected. App development happens to be one of those working fields that witness continuous / random modification.

In this post, we will discuss the trends that revolutionized the process of application development. So if you want to know what has happened and what will be happening in the world of mobile app development, keep reading!

1. Improved applications for enterprises

Mobile applications are a must-have these days in order to increase business productivity. The number of mobile phone users (worldwide) is 4.61 billion – that means enterprises can target a larger number of audience through mobile apps. So, mobile app developers have a lot of opportunities to work on improving the process and standard of app development – especially for enterprises.

2. Secured apps

It’s about time that mobile app developers start paying attention to the fact that whoever uses an application, their credentials are safe. Customers / consumers have a right to explicitly show their concern regarding the security risks.

In order to make sure that the information a person provides for a sign-up etc. won’t be misused, mobile app developers will come up techniques to minimize the chances of unintended data leakage, insecure data storage etc.

3. M-Commercing is here to stay

There was a time when people used to buy and sell products online using their desktop computers. This trend can still be seen but now majority of the customers prefer using their mobile phones for the same purpose (i.e. shopping) – because of the obvious reason that mobile devices are the only things which can be picked up instantly to do various tasks.

So what would be the future of M-Commerce? Keeping in mind the tech trends, we can expect to see a time when physical cards / paper money won’t be needed as mobile applications will be processing the transactions from bank accounts directly.

4. Mobile apps to replace desktop apps

Practically speaking, no one stays with their desktop computer all the time. So what was needed in this regard to keep things going? Mobile applications!

Organizations which cater their consumers’ needs and stay available for them on mobile apps can definitely have more active users as compared to those who’ve limited themselves to desktop application only.

Other than that, mobile application developers will be expected to have a full proof security system for app development which will keep the enterprises’ information secured as well as of their users – as credentials’ security just cannot be avoided anymore.

Having mentioned the trends that happened to revolutionize the application development, entrepreneurs must know that app developers are improving the whole process. Organizations can trust the latest trends of mobile app development as well as things will keep getiing better with the passage of time.

The best part about following the new tech trends saves you time be it mobile / web app development, design and the list goes on.  Nothing happens in the blink of an eye but when things are completed in less time, the result and outcome becomes remarkable.

Do you think we have missed out any app development trend? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!