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Written by,
Shaza Anwar, Content Strategist, TkXel

You have about 10 seconds to leave a lasting impression on visitors to your website – if you don’t make an impact right away, you have lost a potential client.

Sounds dreadful right?

It doesn’t have to be!

Similar to updating your wardrobe, your website needs to be updated as well. Old and drab websites discourage users and hinder your prospects of attracting more business.

Redesigning your website is critical and it’s a major investment as well – which is why you need to take critical steps to make sure every dollar you spend ensures a return on your investment.

Follow this checklist to see if your website needs a makeover:

1. It’s Not Mobile-Optimized Mobile Optimized

Today, a mobile-friendly website isn’t an advantage – it’s a must. With over 64% of American adults using smartphones, it’s predicted that mobile retail revenues are expected to hit $130.12 billion by 2018 (up from $56.67 billion in 2014).

These numbers alone should motivate you to optimize your website and make it mobile friendly. One such way is adopting a responsive design.

A website makeover means that it needs to be optimal on multiple devices, be they laptops, smartphones or tablets. Easily manageable and navigable websites make sure visitors stay, make purchases and return to your website over and over again.

It’s only a matter of time before mobile users surpass PC users, and before that happens – you need to make sure your website meets the demands of mobile users and has a responsive layout.

2. No Social Presence

By not having a social presence, you are missing key opportunities to engage and connect with your customers. Depending on the nature of your business and clientele, you will have to decide where to build your social media identity. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are some of the platforms you can interact with your customers and learn key information that you might not have known earlier.

If you haven’t updated your website in a few years, it’s possible that you are lacking a social image. You can add social sharing buttons that will make it convenient for users to share your content – a way to boost SEO and create a brand footprint. Moreover, you can also share deals and offers with customers instantly through Facebook, Twitter or any platform that suits your business.

3. Lacking the latest in web development

Website animations, videos and colorful content can be a compelling way to engage your consumers. Videos are an interactive form of content that can engage your customers with your brand; however, if your website is using flash, it will require visitors to continually install the latest updates of the program (something visitors would rather avoid doing). A more user-friendly option is HTML5, allowing visitors to view engaging content with ease.

Moreover, whether your website was built using WordPress or another variety of a content management system (CMS), you cannot lag behind in updating to the latest software. With the latest updates you will not only prevent security breach of your customer’s personal information but you will also stop hackers from spamming and installing viruses on your website.

The latest in web development is key in keeping your website functional.

4. Not optimized for conversions

What’s the purpose of having a website if you are not converting visitors into sales leads?

Isn’t that the end-goal of any business?

An optimized website will generate leads and help you win customers or help you track the kind of people that regularly visit your website and let you create a marketing strategy to attract them.

Effective website content includes:

Catchy calls-to-action (CTAs)
Optimized landing pages
Conversion-oriented and informative content
Relevant and appealing headlines
Clear and concise contact forms
Enhanced user experience
Benefit oriented copy

Turn your visitors into customers and create a sales opportunity at every page on your website. The brochure-design for websites is a thing of the past – get in touch with a professional software house and get support for your web development needs.

5. A cluttered homepage

As mentioned earlier, first impressions are everything.

A busy homepage can mean that visitors will get confused and most likely leave your website.

A website filled with written content, links and irrelevant information gives a feel of congestion and is an archaic website design method.

Opting for a clean design means creating a simple, inviting and easy to navigate homepage. To create a visually appealing look, remove unnecessary links and trim the content to the bare necessity – so that customers can find what they need without being distracted.

With this checklist you will be able to determine whether or not your website is due for a makeover. Even if your website doesn’t meet the above-mentioned criteria, it’s always good to keep your website fresh, new and optimized. Not only will you increase conversions, you will see a significant return on your investment.

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