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Written by,
Umair Maqsood, Heads Marketing, TkXel

For an increased business growth, social media can be a reason for organizational productivity. Nowadays, consumers of different products / services stay connected with each other through their social networking accounts. They can share their love for a certain company or brand within the circle of friends and family – ultimately supporting a business in the bigger picture.

Benefits of social media vary from business to business but what matters most are the steps taken by enterprises on the integration of social media and collaboration tools. CIOs who stay up-to-date with the changing tech trends and are passionate to adopt new things have started to use social media as a tool for business productivity, intriguing engagement of employees etc.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of social media which will help CIOs plan a better business strategy for their company’s growth and success among competitors.

1. Learn about your target audience

The more you know and understand your target audience, the better. Social media can help businesses (in an industry) to learn about their audience well. For example; there is this tool Facebook Insights in Hootsuite through which you can evaluate and determine the right audience for your business – this tool helps you learn about the dominant languages that are spoken among your audience.

In addition to knowing about the languages your social media audience speaks, you can also know the age and gender as well. You can also track and see what platforms your target audience is using, if you get a lot of traffic from mobile, you need to get into mobile app development and get an enterprise app for your business. The same goes for all other platforms as well. So collecting data and stats. is an important job. After collecting the stats., you can plan different campaigns and offers to promote so that you hit your target audience – providing you with a better ROI.

2. Find new customers and expand your audience

Small business owners can locate their existing customers and approach them easily through social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Once you have decided which audience to hit, you can reach out to them by offering various discounted prices on your products or anything of value.

Twitter happens to be one of the best social networking platforms to use and it allows you to instantly connect with your audience because of its wide reach. Not only can you interact with your audience but you can also use Twitter for finding new customers on a daily basis. You can also use Twitter to provide effective customer service.

3. Receive instant feedback and improve your services

Apart from staying connected with friends and family, social media can do wonders for your enterprise if used accordingly.  The best part of being in touch with customers over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. is that you can receive instant feedback from them – positive feedback will encourage you to keep up the good work and a negative response will help you improve your products or services.

Companies can also think of launching new products or offering services by welcoming suggestions of their potential customers. Being the CIO, you can easily ask a question or start a poll about introducing a new product or service.

4. Share content easily

Learn about the target audience. Check. Find new customers. Check. Receive customer feedback. Check. Now comes the toughest part: the challenges regarding delivery of contentSocial media can be the most effective channel for sharing content in the shortest possible time.

Entrepreneurs can make the most of their brands’ social accounts by knowing and understanding:

  1. a) When to post (in accordance with the time zones of potential customers).
  2. b) Content curation (presenting the best posts in an organized manner).

Other than that, business owners must also have really effective marketing strategies for sharing their content on social media – but it has to be kept in mind that your social media content is aligned with your brand and it also interests the target audience.

5. Develop your brand with social accounts

Small companies and brands that are not famous yet can use social media as a platform for growing bigger and better. The companies which have yet to reach the top can develop their brands more using social media accounts.

Social media is helpful for brand development since you will already be directly in contact with your customers. Other than that – by promoting your company through social accounts, you might happen to give a voice to your brand.

6. Improve market intelligence

Yet another advantage of running a business by incorporating social media tools and activities is you can also monitor what your competitors are doing. By gaining information about certain things, you can improve your market intelligence.

Your social media accounts can help you make better decisions and marketing strategies to stay ahead in the game. Through social media monitoring, you can acquire as much knowledge as you want to know to seek your customers and mold them. In addition to that, you can also gain a competitive advantage creating search streams in Hootsuite for improving your business and to offer things your competitors might have forgotten.

Now that your business is being mentioned and talked about in social media right and people could be praising the services you offer or they might be facing some issues with the product – but whatever the topic of their discussion is, you have the opportunity to directly join the conversation. Listen to your customers, learn about them and engage with them to improve your brand.

Running a business through social media can help you generate more revenue. You can easily build communities and can promote your company by advertising it on social media platforms. You can link back the ads to your website or media page which will benefit you in generating leads etc.

Social media interactions and monitoring can help you in gaining insight into your customers, influencers and competitors. After getting in-depth knowledge of all the aforementioned things – all you have to do is to plan a better business strategy to stay ahead of your customers so that you have a better relationship with your customers and an improved ROI.

These were the benefits of social media for businesses. Are you using social networking websites for your company? Do you think it was a smart move? Leave a comment down below and let us know.