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Umair Maqsood, Digital Manager, TkXel

According to the stats presented by Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 48 percent of US companies use blog posts for marketing purposes, whereas, 48 percent of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign.

Entrepreneurs need to know that at times, common marketing problems pop up because of poor web development. By just reviewing and re-checking the official website, companies can get to know why their campaigns fail. Businessmen can also take help from companies who provide services for seamless mobile and web development.

In order to make campaigns successful, business owners and developers should have discussions to figure out if there are any web development issues that can negatively influence the websites and campaigns.

Following are some of the solutions to deal with marketing problems in a better way. Give it a read and get to know if you need to fix things in the websites you have developed so far.

1. Proper content management system (CMS)

Blog posts, vlogs, infographics, articles etc. drive traffic and can increase conversions as well. Keeping in mind the importance of content, business owners must know that poor content management can automatically make the company suffer.

CMS can save businesses from marketing problems as it a web application which is used by people who are not a part of the tech industry to edit and manage websites. An integrated content management system (CMS) is needed to eliminate the chances of inconsistent content planning. Web developers can help companies maintain their blogs and content related activities by using a pre-existing CMS platforms for example; Joomla, WordPress, Drupal for managing their blogs and other content related activities. By using CMS, a lot of time can be saved from manual tracking down and updating of content.

2. Poor search results

Despite the fact that bloggers use the correct keywords and produce rich content, some companies don’t get to see the desired outcome i.e. leads and customers. This happens because of an issue in the architecture of the website.

Web developers can utilize the search engine optimization (SEO) by making sure that the company’s website is created on genuine principles of web design and development. Web developers can ensure that a company’s content is well presented and well formatted for search engine crawling.

Other than that, web developers must also focus on the following points to make sure that the websites are working amazingly:

Site speed
Site map
URL structuring
Page redirects
On page title tags
Quick loading websites sees more traffic will see an increase in search rankings. Web developers can connect these dots to make websites work fine for the companies as well as for the users.

3. Insufficient web analytics

Every good marketer knows the importance of web analytics. Only by analyzing, one can determine which sort of traffic is spending time on the websites, whether the eBooks are downloaded or not, the visitors have signed up for the newsletter etc.

The problem here is not enough web analytics – web developers can help companies in improving the website by aligning the businesses and their objectives with analytical strategies. In this way, accurate data can be provided to the marketers so that they can work according to their business needs. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for intelligent marketing. It can also help the entrepreneurs to make better business decisions.

4. Hackneyed marketing methods

Since web developers are considered tech savvy, get to know what is latest and trending, entrepreneurs can rely on them for introducing current trends to the website. Web developers who are the first ones to learn new tools, content curation techniques and strategies also help in keeping users engaged.

Digital marketing depends on how the website is developed. Web developers have to put in special effort to make things work. It’s time to say goodbye to the old marketing methods. Web developers can fix marketing problems by implementing newer trends in their products. For instance, marketing through social media can bring fruitful results to the companies. Customers can be targeted easily and strategies can be improved after getting the customers’ feedback.

5. Not enough user data

For marketers, it is very important to know the users (consumers) for proper marketing and submitting email addresses via registration pages at times, is not enough. Proactive web developers can help companies by integrating social networking plugins, registration forms (asking for e-mail, phone numbers and names only) on their websites.

Different tasks can be done efficiently if you have plugins installed on your websites. The tasks include the ability to use “click to tweet” option on the website. Viewers, on the other hand can use the plug-ins for social sharing and for subscribing to a newsletter etc. Having such plugins enabled on websites allows both the users of the website and consumers to perform different tasks easily.

By applying the test and error method, web developers need to make sure that the plugins they install on websites do not slow down the loading speed. The plugins are unique and original enough to attract or at least make the users subscribe to your blog.

6. Broken links

Another very important thing not to forget while the process of website development is to ensure that there no broken links on your website. Non-functioning links can cause three major issues:

Google has the authority to penalize you for not keeping the site content up-to-date
Visitors will think you do not perform regular maintenance on your site
Broken links will create a bad impression of your website and company as well
To avoid the above-mentioned problems, web developers need to make sure that the links they provide to different pages do not redirect the users to wrong pages or mislead them.

These are some of the common web development issues which can make companies lag behind when it comes to properly marketing their products / services.

Do you think most of the marketing problems occur because of poor web development? Were there any development issues on your website? How did you manage to make things right? Leave a comment and let us know!

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