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Public Sector


MarkiTech First Responders Applications
Save lives and property

Durham Police use MarkiTech Services to detect wandering

2019 saw an increase in wandering episodes with growing seniors population and MarkiTech helps Durham Police setup a trial in conjunction with Ryerson University

The frequency and severity of natural disasters are increasing

In 2016, worked with TELUS to create heat maps of exist points using various analytics tools during Fort McMarry Fires

TELUS and City of Edmonton Trial during Grey Cup 2018

In 2018, Over 20 plain cloth police officers use MarkiTech Capabilities to track and send SOS to ensure public safety

MarkiTech Public Safety Mission


Incorporating information from multiple and non traditional sources into incident command operations


Delivering actionable information in real time


Empowering first responders to make smart decisions and save lives

MarkiTech Differentiation

Minimum Viable Product

IOT Platform (Open API)

Artificial Intelligence

Next Best Action & Edge AI

5 G technology

Data Source Eco System

Smart environments

Public Safety Video Vital Monitoring

Mission Critical Voice and Data

Next Generation First Responder

EMS Biometric Sensor Fire Services

GEO Fencing Situational Awareness

Wearable Devices (LocateMotion) Flood

Edge Internet of Things, Law Enforcement

Internet of things Broadband

Unmanned Aerial Systems

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