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Your Doctors Online

Healthcare App For Online Doctor Consultation
Optimizing our doctor and patient relationship, creating better patient outcome by using medical grade chat platform, Machine Learning and Neural Language Processing.


Healthcare Focused Analytics and Insights
Data visualization of seniors activity and risk profile delivered for a leading healthcare focused analytics and insights platform that will help home health agencies monitor, care and track seniors on a 24/7 basis.
Diabetes Predict


Predicting Probability of Chronic Diseases So It Can Be Avoided

Using AI technology, Diabetes Predict app will inform an individual of early detection so it can avoid the probability of the disease.

Diabetes Predict


Infection & Covid19 Risk Assessment

Safe2Work is a pioneering AI-powered health intelligence platform and an easy-to-use wellness technology designed for organizations and their workforce, providing non-invasive real-time risk monitoring and health screening for potential infection.


AI Predictions For Seniors With Early Dementia
Wandering and falls predictions for seniors with early dementia, based on their behavioral, biological, demographic and environmental factors, using Artificial Intelligence.



EMR solution providing
Over 20,000 patient records that are being
used by over 200 doctors and 200+ transactions per day. Solutions include EHR, PMS, Document Management, PHR, and VPOE



Real-time health monitoring system using IoT

Our vital signs camera app allows you to capture more data easily for your telemedicine visits. It is designed to make vitals detection and monitoring more accessible without the need for costly medical devices.