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MarkiTech First Responders Applications
Save lives and property

Durham Police use MarkiTech Services to detect wandering

2019 saw an increase in wandering episodes with growing seniors population and MarkiTech helps Durham Police setup a trial in conjunction with Ryerson University

The frequency and severity of natural disasters are increasing

In 2016, worked with TELUS to create heat maps of exist points using various analytics tools during Fort McMarry Fires

TELUS and City of Edmonton Trial during Grey Cup 2018

In 2018, Over 20 plain cloth police officers use MarkiTech Capabilities to track and send SOS to ensure public safety

MarkiTech Public Safety Mission


Incorporating information from multiple and non traditional sources into incident command operations


Delivering actionable information in real time


Empowering first responders to make smart decisions and save lives

MarkiTech Differentiation

Minimum Viable Product

IOT Platform (Open API)

Artificial Intelligence

Next Best Action & Edge AI

5 G technology

Data Source Eco System

Smart environments

Public Safety Video Vital Monitoring

Mission Critical Voice and Data

Next Generation First Responder

EMS Biometric Sensor Fire Services

GEO Fencing Situational Awareness

Wearable Devices (LocateMotion) Flood

Edge Internet of Things, Law Enforcement

Internet of things Broadband

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Vertical focus – IoT in Retail

Executive Summary

• Market Opportunity – IoT hardware paired with mobile apps retail solutions
• In the US, $44.4B beacon-triggered messages in 2016 (Business Intelligence Monthly)

MarkiTech – Understanding the retail segment

3 Key Retail Trends

• Smart shelfs
• Traceability
• Customer flow

3 Challenges IoT can resolve

• Inventory accuracy
• Customer buying behavior
• Speed of fulfilment

3 Uses of IoT in Retail

• Beacons in store
• RFIDs for inventory
• Loss prevention tracking

IoT Retail – how we can help?

MarkiTech in IoT – From Strategy to Sales we have it all covered

• Product
• Sales, System Integration
• Operations

Why MarkiTech?

• Internal & External Stakeholder, Culture, Relations – UNDERSTANDING
• Our IoT, Technology, Product, Sales and Implementation – EXPERIENCE
• End to End IoT Professional Services with focus on vertical solutions (Health, Retail) – FOCUS

Client Engagement / Proposals

• Sears
• Pepsi at Walmart

How can we help – Proposal

• CONSULT (per hour) – Retail Strategy Gap and STORE 2016 Analysis, Business Development
• COMPLEMENT (per contract)- TELUS Internal Resources
• IMPLEMENT (per project) – Content Marketing, SEM, Product Gap Analysis, Research

Digital Marketing Services – What can we do?


• Blog
• Social Media
• Sites
• Mobile Optimization


• Calls-to-action
• Forms
• Landing page optimization


• SEO, PPC, Ads
• Blog


• Email Optimization
• CRM Synch
• Lead Scoring
• Sales Alerts
• Personalized
• Email + Web + Social Nurturing


• Feedback Forms
• Email + Web + Social
• Engagement

A 10,000ft overview of Web & Mobile work we’ve done as application development provider

Entertainment Portals & eCommerce Solutions.

40M+ daily visitors.
$1812 worth of transactions/sec.
100M+ listings on content portals.

Enterprise Process Improvements.

Overall delivery efficiency increased up-to 65%
Saved thousands of hours of on-boarding training time.

Mobility solutions.

7500 store audits
26 billion+ SQL executions/day

SaaS Products.

Up to $20M funding received across various projects.
Fully working proto’s delivered in 8 weeks.

Design Thinking Session with Sunlife

To explain what Design Thinking is and why it is important and how it fits into the framework for large enterprises.

MarkiTech and Sunday+Night partnered together to create an engaging Design Thinking session for Sunlife in Toronto. The session was aimed at providing an introduction to the basic tools and principles used in Design Thinking. The session also shed light on why design thinking is critical to problem solving in large enterprises where it can often be a difficult and long process to identify gaps and issues.

MarkiTech and Sunday+Night have partnered together to bring forth many such sessions that start from the introductory level all the way to completely customized and individualistic design thinking sessions and workshops depending upon our clients needs.

Customized AI Training Workshop for a large Canadian Enterprise

To provide an in depth explanation of theoretical concepts as well as a hands on approach.

At MarkiTech we are committed to bringing our clients the best services and ensuring a great customer experience. Our diligent team worked hard to put together a completely customized and user centric AI training workshop.

Here’s what our clients had to say about the AI workshop we designed for our client in downtown Toronto as well as about our trainer:

Application development for a Canadian city


To design and develop a custom app.


Our team of skilled designers and developers got together to create a custom app for our client, keeping in mind all of their requirements thus ensuring a user friendly and efficient result.

Smart City Platform

Our next Generation cloud-hosted IOT Platform for building innovative, vibrant, smart communities. Enabling a wide range of vertical market use cases including facility/building management, critical asset monitoring, security/surveillance, and utility/energy management.


Our Learning Management System provides SaaS based solution for organizations and its trainees to seamlessly deploy and track online training initiatives.
Your investment is secure with our future proof system which embraces latest standards such as SCORM to meet your training needs.


We provide Design, Deployment Integration and Managed Services for Hadoop big data implementations. We also provided professional services for Hadoop migration to AWS and other Cloud partners.


Our solution for COVID-19 Community Early-warning and Risk Assessment provides Patient-based Automated Smart Response, 24/7 Virtual Care and Live Chat with Doctor or Nurse, Gro-fence, SOS Alerts, Caregiver Circle and Wellness Tracking.

Vending and Inventory Management

Modernize food and drink delivery by opting out of the traditional Vending and Inventory Management systems, by leveraging our solution, that provides ease of operations and accessibility to features like invoicing, re-stock requests, transactions and servicing using a single platform.


We help our clients build, Customize, Configure and maintain world-class Customer relationship management systems.

We have Salesforce and MS Dynamics certified experts.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications, data, and other components hosted on on-premises servers to a cloud-based infrastructure. Organizations that have traditionally been held back by the challenge of growing their information infrastructure, are now moving to the cloud and adding value to their services. Markitech is offering full scale cloud migration services to its valuable customers by adopting Gartner’s 5Rs “Rehost”, “Refactor”, “Revise”, “Rebuild” & “Replace”

Cloud Migration Checklist
• Choose the best match cloud platform
• Hardware architecture design
• Licensing strategies
• Security and Vulnerability Mitigation
• Audit IPs and Other Services
• Access Control List and Accessibilities

Cloud Compliance Policies
• Centralised event logs
• Encryption and Audit trails
• Daily infrastructure reviews
• Review data retention policies

Cloud migration made easy with Markitech
• Certified professionals
• Process intelligence boards for clear visibility
• Platform accelerators to reduce migration time
• On-demand scaling of infrastructure
• Security Analytics

Partnering MobiledgeX and TELUS

Partnering MobiledgeX and TELUS in an innovative Multi-edge Access Computing (MEC) Program in Canada in 2020.
Run your application with the power of production-grade edge infrastructure already helping applications across XR, gaming, robotics, and other fields to offer the immersive and pervasive experiences they need to be competitive leaders.

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