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Staff Augmentation


IT Staff Augmentation

Grow your team with the best IT & AI/data science talents and a reliable team alongside. 

MarkiTech.AI’s staffing & team augmentation solutions will provide you with a contractor or full-time experts to be integrated into your existing team with full flexibility on adopting every company’s methodology.

                           Our tech skills include Data Engineer, Data Science, Ruby on Rails, Ember, React Native, NET, JavaScript, Python, iOS, Android, QA, Testing, UI/UX, and other in-demand STEM (Science, Tech, English and Math) skills.


Why You Should Choose Us

Reduce Cost

Hire the top IT experts to work on your projects short-term without that being affected by the benefits and other costs associated with full-time work

Save Time

We provide you with IT professionals that fit exactly the additional skill sets your projects require with a short turn around. Resources provided via staff & team augmentation are all managed by us via a team or tech lead.

Increase Efficiency

Increase the scalability of your projects by adapting your team's needs quickly based on client’s requirements (on-shore, on-site, off-shore or hybrid). We give you the top 2% talent, compared to other staff & team augmentation firms while we ensure that they best fit your methodology.

The process we follow


Contact us and inform us about your needs and requirements


Our technology leaders evaluate the requirements and timelines while we acquaint ourselves with the business process.


We give you a few options (on-shore, on-site, off-shore or hybrid) of IT professionals for you to choose from that will best suit your goals.


Seamless integration with your  business flow to ensure that we meet your requirements.

Companies That Used Our Staff Augmentation Services

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