Global / Canadian Mobile Phone Accessories Analysis & Recommendations [Independent Market Research]

The need and purpose of a mobile phone for a consumer is changing at phenomenal pace. Clearly mobile phones have become indispensable devices and an essential part of everyday life, critical in modern fast paced digital lifestyle. As per eMarketer, a market research company, smartphone usage touched the halfway mark of Canadian population in 2014, and continues to grow each year.
Top 3 reasons why every retailer that deals with mobile phones wants a pie of this rapidly flourishing mobile phone accessories segment are:
High growth market segment due to changing lifestyles, technological innovations and the need for effective maintenance of costly instruments
High profit margins and an increasing demand for mobile phone accessories open doors for many players in mobile handset market to launch their own accessories
Complements the performance and features of mobile handsets. With stiff competition in this market segment, a retailer prefers to provide a complete solution to customer rather than them buying accessories from somewhere else.
Read on to find out how you can leverage the power of Mobile Phones and Accessories as they grows in popularity.
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