Working for someone and working for yourself require two completely different mindsets. It is like knowing you will get a fish at the end of the each month to eat with your family while the other one is like going out fishing not knowing how many fish will you be able to catch and bring back home.

In this article I try to summarize top habits of successful entrepreneurs (those on fishing expedition) – would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Why do I need this more than anyone else
The reason for the article is the lack of focus I had developed on my to do list; one moment I was focused on the most important thing on my to do list; the next I was on a Facebook article, checking emails or Whatsapp and then writing a post with several browser tabs open. Something needed to change to avoid constant distractions and rewire my brain to focus.

One simple thing that can help go a long way
To start I was told to delete social media apps from my phone like Facebook and LinkedIn. Going through this process told me how important it is to focus.

Top 10 fishing expedition rules

1. Avoid To-Do Lists, rather schedule everything in your calendar

2. Set clear goals and remind your team to stay focus on key objectives

3. Let the sticky note (or reminders) guide you throughout the day

4. Ask yourself which items deliver the most value for the lowest time investment

5. Setup a daily barometer on how good you feel about your business (Scale 1-5) to track positive motivation levels daily

6. Do not look at emails or respond to them throughout the day (rather schedule to check once in morning, afternoon and evening)

7. Track time spend on day to day operations vs. on strategic  growth activities (green schedule strategic while red one shows operational activities) – aim to spend atleast 50% on strategic aspects of business

8. Start day crafting objectives you want to achieve during the day (top 3) and get them done

9. Divide your day into 30 min blocks as much as possible

10. Start the day with the difficult tasks and get it over with asap instead of waiting for last when energy level is dwindling

Looking forward to your feedback,

Nauman Jaffar;