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Competition in the mobile apps market is fiercer than ever. Hundreds of new apps arrive every day. Standing out and attracting new customers is a challenge even for the top AI development companies in healthcare.

Still, it’s possible with the help of an application development company.

                 Web application development involves a company building your app from scratch. It’s a time-intensive process – and the upfront investment can certainly cost. But a failed app can squander years of research – and leads to a substantial loss.

        Everyone from the top machine learning companies to the top AI development companies in healthcare outsources their web application development. Here’s what you should know before you do:

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1. What’s the goal? 

Knowing what you want from the web application development process is critical for success. Ask yourself these basic questions before approaching a developer:

    Android, Windows, or iOS?

    Do you require a native or hybrid app?

    How large is your expected user base?

Providing the developers with these answers will speed the developers’ progress and ensure the finished app meets your expectations.


2. What have they done before?

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Before hiring a web application development company, check they have the relevant experience. You need to ensure they can mirror your specifications, whether you’re after enterprise app development or something else entirely.

Look through their portfolio and inspect their previous completed projects. You can even just ask them about their experience.


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3. What do others say about them?

Ask around amongst other top AI development companies in healthcare. Did they have a good experience with the company in question? What’s their reputation?

As in any industry, companies with a proven track record are almost always the most reliable of all.


4. How big is the company?

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For technical and time-intensive projects, you’ll want to know the size of the company. Do they have the relevant in-house expertise? Or are they simply too small? Conversely, if they’re under significant workload, your project may get neglected. That’s unacceptable – and can impair the finished product.





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5. How much will it cost?

Enterprise app development shouldn’t cost the earth. But don’t settle for the first web application development company you find. You’ll want to hunt around for the best price and time frame for completion.

But be careful. The cheapest company won’t always produce the highest-spec app.


6. Do they have in-house expertise and focus on your vertical?

Just because a company did something before doesn’t mean they still can. From the management to low-level staff, everyone needs to have the relevant expertise to complete the job.

Management, in particular, should understand the technical aspects – otherwise, you risk a fundamental misunderstanding in your app’s goal and completion.

That’s particularly true for the top machine learning companies – many app developers are yet to embrace the newest technologies fully.

Follow these tips, and you’ll save significant sums on your app development.

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