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Written by,
Umair Maqsood, Digital Marketing Manager, TkXel

When a visitor lands on your website, the presentation of the web page is the first thing they glance at. But if your website is unappealing, painful to the eyes or just confusing in general, it will perhaps be the only thing they’ll focus on.

A readable, well-navigated and clean website keeps visitors from clicking to something else and keeps them coming back to your website when needed.

Designing attractive and effective sites has its subtleties and there are a few web designing steps you need to avoid during the process.

Following are 8 of them:

1. Unclear and Vague Content

A visitor will understand the purpose of your webpage within a few seconds of arrival. If the site’s homepage is confusing or misleading, the user will navigate back to the search bar of the browser and continue with their search.

Simple, clean content on the homepage in a central, visible area will allow visitors to know that they have landed on the right website.

2. Advertising

What irritates visitors the most are ads which make the website look incredibly unprofessional. The extra money you may get through the ads might result in you losing customers simply because they are annoying and people don’t want to see them.

3. Complicated Graphics

One might be tempted with the idea of using cute gifs and flashing an army of animations. However, you need to avoid them!

Cluttered designs take attention away from content and may also push users away from your website. The cleaner and simpler you make your website, the higher your chances will be for visitors staying and coming back again. Excessive gigabytes of animation and design may also slow down load-time on tablets and smartphones.

4. Unreadable Content

Always avoid:

Bad color choices
Underlining and bolding
Fancy fonts
Here’s why:

A light color background with traditional dark colored font might be considered simple, but it’s extremely readable. The visitors might have spent hours searching for the right content and your site might have their answers. You don’t want to drive them away by with green font on an orange background.

5. Grammar and Spelling Errors

Always remember to proofread the content before publishing it on your website. This includes no punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors. Simple errors can give an unprofessional. Even if you are updating from small screens of smartphones or your tablet, make sure that you proofread once and then again.

6. Annoying Pop Ups

Pop ups are unnecessary, annoying and force the audience to juggle to different pages rather than staying on yours. A lot of people use popup blockers on their browser which means there is a need to approve all the popups your website will throw. Popups also lead to spam and irritating advertisements.

7. Irrelevant and Unneeded Content

In order to drive traffic and to keep up with SEO, it is important to produce new content which is relevant to the website. Otherwise, you will lose traffic, the website will be less clear and visitors will lose interest.

8. Say no to Complicated Navigation

Whether you have no menus, drop down menus or menus in the menu, always avoid putting your users through making extra effort to find the thing they need. The navigation of your website should be intuitive and easy. During the web development phase you have to make sure that you are making a web responsive website.

You need one, simple menu that has all the navigation options. Additionally, don’t shove all your options and the navigations together. Long pages and huge text blocks will hinder your visitors from coming to your website.

Steer clear of these mistakes and you’ll be able to have a user-friendly web experience in no time. Make your page accessible and readable which gives visitors a reason to return.

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