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The heightened use of advancing technology and artificial intelligence during the Covid-19 pandemic has shaped various parts of our lives. One of the key changes that were experienced around the globe was the shifting of healthcare from hospital settings to more convenient places like homes. From shopping online to having Telehealth consultations, many services have become just a few clicks away.

             For most people going to hospitals is becoming increasingly taxing, especially for the elderly and chronically affected people. Having a hospital visit oftentimes involves hour-long drives, inappropriate appointment and wait times, and being attended by rushed physicians. Moreover, the fear of contracting an infectious disease like Covid-19 has made people avoid public settings including hospitals. Advanced technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have made promising establishments by providing people with healthcare services in the comfort of their homes.

              The increasing number of elderly (age 65 or above) and shortage of medical professionals are making it difficult for the healthcare system to be sustainable. The 2020 profile of Older Americans depicted an increase of almost 6% (14 million) in the elderly population by 2040. However, the efficient use of artificial intelligence in the medicine and healthcare industry could draft amazing solutions for this piling problem.

            Firstly, AI has achieved the feat of self-monitoring. The best AI companies around the world have designed various apps live Vitals™ which people can use to self-evaluate their vitals e.g., blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels at any time of the day. Using artificial intelligence, the app uses the data and indicates the overall health of a person along with any potential health condition. The self-monitoring feature is particularly helpful for patients suffering from chronic conditions and the elderly as they need frequent monitoring.

           Secondly, developers in the AI industry have collaborated with healthcare professionals and designed software like SensightsCare™ that could avoid fatal emergencies. Once again, for example, elderly people are prone to falling, especially if you’re taking medications like benzodiazepines. Having an unprecedented fall could be life-threatening particularly if you live by yourself. Fortunately, you can access a fall-detecting app that can alert your close ones and the nearby healthcare facility if you experience a fall. Simple life-saving.

                 The potential of AI in-home care is limitless. To name a few more uses, experts at the University of Cincinnati have developed an AI drone that can come to your address to take your medical history and even deliver medicines to your doorstep. Virtual nursing assistants and digital companionship features offer technical assistance and companionship during times of illness.

                Finally, it is evident that AI is going to be an integral part of the healthcare system. However, there are numerous areas of concern that needed to be countered first before a full-scale integration of AI in home-based healthcare. For instance, strict measures to ensure patient security, privacy, and safety need to be put in place.

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