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Do  you  want  to  start  a  new  project  without  hiring  new  staff?  The  answer  is  staff  augmentation.  With  an ever  more  flexible work  environment,  companies  worldwide  rely  on  cherry-picking  talent  exclusively  for  a project.  IT  staff  augmentation  lets  businesses  rapidly  scale  without  any  of  the  difficulties  of  onboarding  new staff. Indeed,  the  global  IT  outsourcing market  is  predicted  to  top $206  billion  by  2024.  Team  augmentation  is  a driving  factor.  Staff  augmentation  is  already  worth  an  estimated  USD  $132.9  billion  in  the  post-pandemic market, but  that  doesn’t  mean it doesn’t  face  significant  challenges.  



Below we  will  explore  the  most common  challenges  for  team  augmentation  and  how  you  can  solve  them.


1. Lack of clear communication

Communication  is  the  lifeblood  of  a  company.  Without  clear  messages,  task  completion  is  slowed,  goals become  confused,  businesses  drift  off  course.  Communicating  with  offshore  staff  is  a  critical  part  of  IT  staff augmentation

But  it’s  also one  of  the  simplest  problems  to  fix. 

Using  a  communication  and  collaboration  suite  like  Hangouts,  Microsoft  Teams,  Zoom, WhatsApp  or  Slack  provides an  easy  avenue  for  constant  messaging.  Managers  will  also  want  to  check  in  with  offshore  staff  regularly. 


Additionally, it is critical to ensure that a tech lead is attached to the team provided who will be responsible for ensuring requirements are clearly articulated and ensures code quality. 

To  promote  communication  between  onshore  and  offshore  staff,  encouraging  regular  socialising sessions is important so  people  can  put a  name  to a  face. Since MarkiTech.AI is based in North America, your project will be assigned a project coordinator to help onshore with the tech lead at no additional cost.

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2. Knowing what  to expect 

You  invest in  staff  augmentation  to  see  results.  That  means  clear  goals  and  optimised  strategies.  However, with  new  team  members  communicating  expectations  are often  less  than  clear – it’s  downright  opaque! The result is extra  costs,  delays,  and  more  conflict.

Why even  bother  with  team  augmentation  at all? 

Therefore,  during  a  resource  and  staff  augmentation,  clearly  set  out  your  aims  for  a  project which is led by the tech lead  Expectations should  be  signposted  to  new  team  members  from day one and conducting regular  checks  to see  where  they  are along the timeline



3. Security  considerations

All  companies  have  their  proprietary  secrets.  The  information  they  don’t  want  third  parties  knowing.  Yet, that’s  exactly  what  happens  in a  resource  and  staff  augmentation. 

Protecting  your  organisation’s  privacy  and  security  is  critical.  

The  answer:  make  signing  a  nondisclosure agreement  (NDA)  of  paramount  importance.  NDAs  provide  a  legal  framework  for  protecting  your company’s  most important  information.

Pair with routine security audits to ensure no information goes missing. 


4. Inferior service

New staff always present the same challenge: they’re new. It takes time to bring employees up to speed and acclimatise to a new job. 

But in staff augmentation, time is money.  You want to make the most of the extra staff when you’ve got them.

That all depends on the staff augmentation firms you use. The more experienced the firm is, the better the staff they send. 

Before hiring, you should thoroughly research staff augmentation firms and speak to the proposed new team members. It’ll save you time and money in the long run. 




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