Is Digital Transformation Important?

Is Digital Transformation Important?

The latest buzz word – or not?

Do you agree that Digital Transformation is more than a buzzword.

In summary – Digital Transformation is the business strategy any business in any vertical needs to understand to survive in tomorrow’s business climate.

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Connected devices – unlock the potential of your business with real time and predictive monitoring

Based on any stats you pick up, forecasts are that there will be over 30 billion connected devices globally by 2020, IoT is connecting and reshaping businesses and economies. As connect and intelligent assets become more pervasive, what should businesses do to effectively compete during this digital revolution? Connect with Digital Transformation experts to discuss how companies are using IoT to inform business decisions and radically improve the customer experience in all industries

Almost Everything will be in the Cloud – Business have opportunity to improve their agility and reduce costs

Communication and collaboration at work has changed rapidly over the past few years: More mobile workers, increased use of video, and new ways to improve engagement with staff, partners, and customers. And with more organizations now leveraging these capabilities in the cloud, they’re not only improving employee productivity and the customer experience, but also enabling business agility and decreasing costs. Connect with digital transformation experts to discuss the latest insights and research.

Innovate or die – New Mantra for any business out there who wants to survive beyond 2-5 year horizon

In the next few years, digital technologies will become the defining element driving organizational change and transformation. Canadian organizations are accelerating their adoption of cloud based solutions and “as a service” models to achieve their business outcomes. Early movers who are more agile to better serve their customers and enhance their operations are thriving but many Canadian businesses are not doing enough to enable innovation

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