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Medically Reviewed: Dr Gideon Kwok

Key Takeaways

  • Improved Response Times
    AI chatbots reduced patient wait times for responses by 80%, providing instant support and improving service quality.
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction
    The implementation of chatbots led to a 60% increase in patient satisfaction scores related to communication and support.
  • Proactive Engagement
    Automated follow-up messages and health tips encouraged patients to adhere to their care plans, enhancing patient engagement and health management.


General Health Clinic in NYC wanted to boost how they connect with patients using cool tech solutions. This story showcases how Markitech’s AI chatbots have completely changed patient interactions, making support available 24/7 and hugely ramping up patient engagement.

The Problem

The clinic had a hard time keeping up with communicating with patients after hours. There were just too many calls, long wait times, & delayed responses. All these issues made patients unhappy and less engaged.

The Smart Solution

Markitech put together a fancy AI chatbot system for the clinic:

  • Always-On Support:These chatbots are on duty 24/7, answering questions, giving medical info, and guiding patients before their appointments.
  • Quick Replies:Using natural language processing, these chatbots get what the patients are asking right away and respond instantly. This cuts down those annoying wait times.
  • Keeping Patients Engaged:The bots also send out follow-up messages and health tips automatically. It helps patients stick to their care plans and keeps them involved in managing their health.

What Happened Next

After bringing in these smart chatbots, the clinic saw some big changes:

  • A whopping 80% drop in patient wait times for answers.
  • Patient satisfaction scores about communication went up by 60%.
  • Patients stayed more engaged thanks to useful health tips & reminders from the bots.


Using AI chatbots at General Health Clinic has totally changed how they talk to and engage with patients. With around-the-clock support, not only has clinic efficiency gone up but also the whole patient experience has gotten much better. This case study shows just how powerful AI can be when it comes to improving patient interaction & engagement in healthcare.

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