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What is the purpose of marketing strategies? In the end, it comes down to being able to drive leads, which eventually drivesrevenue. Companies spend millions of dollars developing strategies to maximize their leads and an important component of lead generationhas to do with the company website. In addition to being the face of an organization, the company website is where potential customers will decide whether or not to take the next step and get more involved with an organization. Here are a few things that can be done to ensure that your website is helping and not hindering your ability to create leads.

Visuals: A picture speaks a thousand words, and this can’t be emphasized enough. When there’s avideo explaining to a potential customer what your company does, it gets even better. A powerful video has the ability to engage your audience, explain your story, and ensure that people stay on your website longer. This makes it easier for your message to sink in. Also,having a strong call to actionat the end of your video ensures there is a next step for the lead. According to a study by Ubounce, a powerful video can increase your leads by 33%.

Many organizations do not have the ability to invest in developing a strong video for their website. In many cases, having a powerful image can also have a strong impact on your website visitors. Have a look at the landing page by Double Chin Research Study below to see the role that powerful visuals have in driving leads.

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Simplification: What you really want from your website is the ability to convey a simple message to visitors. “You have a problem, and we will help you solve it. All you need to do is contact us”. This rule of thumb will apply to any business, irrespective of the industry, or the scope of work. Develop your website with this idea of the end-user in mind. De-clutter your landing page, and make sure that there is a strong call to action that’s clearly visible. This simple, yeteffective tip will help generate more leads.

The website by Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center is an excellent example of a simple, yet effective website, with strong calls to actionand the right message conveyed to website visitors.



Faster page loads: When a potential customer is on your website, there could be nothing worse than having to deal with a slow loading time. In most cases, it would lead to people switching to some other website, most likely to that of your competitors. Our partner, Hubspot, designed a small test to compare the conversion rates for ten web pages. In all of these websites, changing the page load time resulted in a drastic increase in the conversion rate.

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Image Size = in KB | Page Load Time = in seconds | CVR = Conversion Rate

Testimonials: Testimonials help establish your credibility. It is always comforting to hear from people with similar problems, and how your organization helped solve them. When posting testimonials from your website, the key is to give realistic examples which help build the expectations of your customers. Here are a few examples from Free Agent, an accounting software company for small businesses. Notice how the testimonials help in setting the right example and expectations for potential clients. Once they know what to expect, it is easier for them to get involved with the organization.

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Making Contact: Last but not least, it is important to leave a way for your website visitors to contact you. Having a toll free number available is a great way toconvert visitors into leads. Many organizations have a live-chat option to address any concerns that a visitor might have. Another optionis having an online queries section. In such a case, it is important for an organization to be responsive and reply before 24 hours to keep your potential client engaged.


These techniques though simple, are an effective way to drive more leads from your website. Try them with your business and let us know what you think!
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Written by Anum Dhalwani,

Marketing Research Manager,