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Markitech Joins AI Partnerships Affiliate Network 

We are excited to announce that we have joined the AI Partnership Corp (AIP) network as their first affiliate.  

Markitech and AIP are currently working on our first joint venture, AIP Central. We are developing a hub for all current and future affiliate partners to connect and collaborate on innovative projects. Our dedicated platform will also provide users with access to marketing services, provided by the experts at AI Partnerships

Our expertise in AI will help us provide an end-to-end solution for AIP, their affiliates and the SME clients of these affiliates. Markitech will leverage our strong IT consulting experience, smart delivery process and our team of AI experts to help AIP understand the needs of their affiliates and provide a great affiliate experience. 

About AI Partnerships Corp.

AI Partnerships Corp. is establishing an affiliate network of solution integrators and consulting companies. AIP’s objective is to provide affiliates with the resources to implement AI solutions for their clients. This will allow their clients to realize the competitive advantages associated with AI implementation. 

The network will allow their solutions integrator affiliates to more readily and cost-effectively enter the AI market in order to serve SME clients by providing:

  • Economies of scale for the AI products and services affiliates offer
  • Support and assist in providing AI solutions to affiliates’ clients. 
  • Access to cloud-based AI solutions
  • Sales and marketing support (lead generation)
  • Certification Programs
  • AI expertise

AIP is creating a global network of affiliates who will “use the resources and expertise of AIP to allow them to cost effectively implement AI solutions for their clients”.

AIP Central will facilitate their affiliates by providing:

  • Resources: AIP Central will provide access to resources on a pay-per-use basis, not only allowing affiliates to have the same AI capabilities as larger companies, but also eliminating significant upfront costs. 
  • Data: The partnership network promises access to relevant data that will help SMEs clients scale anywhere at speed with remotely hosted operations. 
  • Leadership: AIP will provide access to AI expertise and tools to support AI implementation. 
  • Talent: The affiliates will have access to resources that will enable their SMEs clients to outsource AI and eliminate the need for SMEs to hire software engineers.
  • Commercialization: AIP will help affiliates focus on supporting SMEs and assist these clients in determining their ROI from AI implementation. 

Nauman Jaffar, Markitech founder, states: 

“At the core of Markitech is our diverse group of AI experts, who are passionate about what they do – utilizing AI/IoT/5G/Cloud to help solve business challenges. We love to collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other, which is why we’re honoured to join AIPs new affiliate network. Our team is so excited to collaborate with AIP to create a network dedicated to building future-proof solutions and, ultimately, helping build a more sustainable and integrated digital ecosystem”. 

AIP’s Marketing Director, Taylor Cuthrell added, 

“Markitech’s ability to understand our needs and define them through a smooth discovery phase is truly impressive and cannot wait to see more from them.”

About Markitech

A niche IT solutions and professional services provider, Markitech is a digital transformation company based in the US and Canada. We have software engineers and data scientists primarily focused on developing artificial intelligence (AI) applications for the healthcare and telecommunications industries.

We provide services such as custom application development and prototypes, innovative end-to-end solutions leveraging AI/5G/Cloud/IoT. We also provide creative UI/UX designs, iOS/Android mobile, web and wearable app development and augmentation tools and training programs. Markitech has developed several game changing solutions including, but not limited to,, vEYEtals, YourDoctors.Online, Signia.  

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