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Key Takeaways

  • Streamlined Scheduling:
    Markitech’s RPA solution automated and optimized appointment scheduling for Dermacare Clinic, reducing patient wait times by 30% and increasing staff productivity.
  • No-Show Rates Slashed:
    The implementation of automated reminder systems reduced no-show rates by 50%, resulting in significant cost savings and improved resource allocation for the clinic.
  • Improved Efficiency and Care:
    By automating administrative tasks, the RPA solution enabled Dermacare Clinic to focus more on patient care, leading to improved overall healthcare outcomes and a better patient experience.


So, in the super competitive world of cosmetic and medical dermatology, Dermacare Clinic in San Diego had some big hurdles to jump over. They were struggling with getting appointments scheduled smoothly. But guess what? Markitech came to the rescue with their RPA solutions and made everything better!

The Challenge

Dermacare Clinic was busy as a bee with lots of patients wanting appointments. But their scheduling system was a bit of a mess. It caused long wait times, high no-show rates, and wasted clinic resources left and right. The manual process was just not cutting it. It was slowing things down and making mistakes that affected the clinic’s overall vibe.

The RPA Solution

To address these issues, Markitech implemented a robust RPA system designed to automate and optimize appointment scheduling:

  • Automated Scheduling System: Our RPA tool integrated seamlessly with Dermacare’s existing practice management software, automating appointment bookings, confirmations, and reminders.
  • Demand-based Scheduling Optimization: The RPA system was programmed to analyze real-time data to optimize appointment slots based on patient demand and peak hours, thus maximizing clinic throughput.
  • Reduction in No-Shows: Automated reminder systems were put in place, which significantly reduced no-show rates by ensuring patients were promptly reminded of their upcoming appointments.

Results Achieved

The implementation of the RPA solution at Dermacare Clinic led to remarkable improvements:

  • A 30% reduction in patient wait times for appointments.
  • A 50% decrease in no-show rates.
  • Increased staff productivity as administrative burdens were reduced, allowing more focus on patient care.


With Markitech’s top-notch RPA solution in place at Dermacare Clinic, scheduling became a breeze. This success story shows how RPA can level up healthcare operations and bring smiles to both patients’ faces and clinics’ wallets everywhere. Major props to Dermacare Clinic for showing us all how powerful RPA can be for health practices of all kinds!

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