Replug: And you thought IOT or M2M was big!

Replug: And you thought IOT or M2M was big!

Big Data is the next big thing

Per ABI Research 2013 report – Big Data spending was approx. $31B in 2013 – that spending is supposed to skyrocket to $114B by 2018.

Nearly 60% of Decision Makers in a recent survey by CapGemini (Dec 2014) believe that Big Data will disrupt their industry within next 3 years.

In the same survey – Some 27% of the decision makers surveyed described their Big Data initiatives as successful

Yet Only 13% of companies have received full-scale production of Big Data implementations

Some of the biggest spend in 2015 for major US Telco players in 2015 will be in the Big Data space.

Lack of strong data governance and legacy systems (Scattered and silos data) are some of the major challenges in the Big Data success in organizations

Successful companies have a strong leader driving the Big Data Initiatives at the top.

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