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Dated 29th Jan 2014

By year 10 I am about to start a journey to kickstart another company – by now I have created my 3rd venture – sold first, parked second and now to my third one….I love it…

This blog is a journey that I would like to capture to help budding entrepreneurs and encourage more people to take this route.

I have been lucky to have had a pretty decent job and it is  paid well too….but I always thought that there is only so much you can do at even the greatest company at the world….In my late twenties and thirties, I could afford to spend 12 hour shifts while working for others….but now I think if I have to work hard – why not for myself….I am doing this for myself, my family, freedom, of course to make money so as to help others and most importantly for learning and breaking the sheckles of monthly pay.

Here are some of the learnings so far from my back and forth career and entrepreneur experience. In this blog I will post some of the learnings of other successful and not so lucky individuals who ventured to this journey.

1. Cash is most definitely king

2. Once you get used to shackles of pay – it is a nightmare to remove it

3. Despite the fact that you might be a risk taker – it is easier to take risk when you are young with not much family commitment – as family grows it becomes more and more difficult

4. Help others when you can – but don’t expect anything in return

5. Use this one on those who criticize you – Haters are my motivators

6. Find someone who is an entrepreneur and learn from their experience

7. Idea is just a starting stage – from idea to execution is another one – making is start is a completely different skill set – Simply persevere

8. All I ask is to spend an hour a day on yourself and building your dream


Dated 1st Feb 2015 nuggets

So as I start the 3rd venture – there are two key learnings from previous success, failures and experience so far.

1. Choose your team carefully – get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus

2. Invest in people and tools; – everything else can wait

3. Create a unique work culture; that people are excited to come and work

4. Make people part of success;

Please blog to discuss some of the life experiences of going your own way with business.

Nauman Jaffar

Principal / CEO, MarkiTech