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Key takeaways

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: The integration of AI-enhanced tools in the telehealth services at Serenity Mental Health Clinic led to a 60% improvement in patient engagement during virtual consultations. This indicates a significant leap in making remote sessions as effective as in-person visits.
  • Improved Remote Monitoring: By employing Robotic Process Automation and AI tools for remote monitoring, the clinic was able to reduce emergency interventions by 40%. This showcases the effectiveness of AI in monitoring patient progress and providing timely interventions.
  • Predictive Analytics for Proactive Care: Utilizing AI for predictive analytics allowed the clinic to anticipate potential crises or improvements in patient conditions, facilitating preemptive care adjustments. This not only improved treatment outcomes but also personalized the healthcare experience, setting a new standard in remote mental health care.


Serenity Mental Health Clinic, right in the bustling heart of Silicon Valley, saw the big need to boost their telehealth game to keep helping patients even from afar. This story is about how Markitech’s smart AI solutions turned their telehealth services around, making it super easy to keep tabs on patients and have more meaningful online chats.

The Challenge

Serenity Mental Health was in a bit of a pickle with their old telehealth setup. They had some trouble keeping patients engaged during online visits & found it tough to track how patients were doing remotely. Without the fancy tools needed for good communication and useful data analysis, they just couldn’t give top-notch care outside the clinic walls. This was a great chance to bring in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to make things run smoother and engage with patients better.

The AI Solution

Markitech brought an awesome AI-driven system just perfect for mental health needs:

  • Better Online Chats:
    They added AI tools that checked out patient responses and feedback during sessions, giving therapists real-time insights tailored to each person’s emotional state.
  • Distance Monitoring:
    It came with AI-powered tools that could track patient activities, mood swings, & how well they stuck to treatments—alerting healthcare folks if something needed fixing.
  • Looking Ahead:
    With predictive analytics in place, the system could guess future crises or improvements allowing preemptive care and personalized tweaks to treatment plans.

Results Achieved

With the introduction of AI-enhanced telehealth services, Serenity Mental Health Clinic observed remarkable outcomes:

  • A huge 60% boost in patient engagement during online consultations.
  • Major improvement in tracking patients remotely which caused a 40% drop in emergency interventions.
  • Better treatment outcomes thanks to timely & data-driven adjustments in care plans.


Markitech’s AI solutions have not only improved the telehealth services at Serenity Mental Health Clinic but have also set a new standard for remote mental health care. By integrating sophisticated AI tools, the clinic now offers enhanced remote monitoring and more personalized virtual consultations, demonstrating the profound impact of technology on improving patient outcomes and clinic operations. The Robotic Process Automation implementation showcases a successful Robotic Process Automation case study, highlighting the benefits of Robotic Process Automation in healthcare

MarkiTechhas various subsidiaries with products and services targeted towards digital healthcare and telehealth/telemedicine and virtual clinics with a laser focus on helping seniors age in place and help their caregivers.

Sensights.aiis a company focused on remote patient monitoring and aging solutions, which utilizes artificial intelligence to track the health of patients and keep a round-the-clock connection between caregivers and patients.

As well, Veyetalsuses PPG and AI modeling algorithms to capture the light reflected by the blood vessels under a patient’s skin to measure vitals anytime, anywhere.

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