Technology products that can change the world market

Technology products that can change the world market

Here is a list of items that got my attention and have huge potential due to a significant market need that they fulfill. Want to see if you guys have a great product in mind that could solve a major problem for others. Kindly share as comments.


1. Lifestraw – Look this up – this will be extremely helpful as it helps give access to safe and clean drinking water (see picture)

2. Pocket Molecular Sensor – This one is also a great product as it scans and obtains information from a cloud based database and gives you information of chemical makeup of product to your smartphone. Huge benefits in the food, oil, plastics etc.,

3. Surgu – It is like a Play-Doh and can be used to build, seal and bind objects. – After the 24 hour it becomes extremely durable, flexible and water proof rubber capable of any extreme weather condition

4. Liftware – It is now owned by Google – this tremor proofing product comprises of several products that can be used to help those who have tremor due to any disease like feeding food thus reducing incidence of food spillage while eating.

5. Kevo Bluetooth Lock – This one syncs with iOS and Android and now you don’t
need a key to unlock the door (simply take out your phone and tap to open the lock) – even better you can send time sensitive codes to your friend from anywhere in world to enter apartment – not cheap as it costs $200 in Best Buy today

6. XStat syringe – This one will be useful to treat wounds quickly as it contains tiny sponges and once injected expand to plug the fresh immediately. It can plug a wound in less that 15 sec (recently approved by FDA) and received $5M funding from US Military.

7. Circuit Scribe – This is a special pen that writes in conductive silver ink – result being that you can draw a circuit on a piece of paper and experiment whether it will work (as the link / ink is conducive).

8. Foldable Bike helmet – This is just the beginning for foldable helmets as these helmets will go on sale in US in 2015.

9. Virtual Keyboard – Using a laser project system – you can turn any surface to virtual keyboard – this can be purchased at $119 today.


Nauman Jaffar

CEO, MarkiTech



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