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Get readers to convert! I am a bit concerned on how many companies are either not writing any content  or what they are producing is at best – mediocre. Furthermore, they are neither analyzing their customer base nor are they developing longer term strategies to drive readers into customers.

A single blog post costs a company $800-1000 (fully loaded cost).

              Compound this with the fact that 80-90% of all blog traffic comes from 10-20% of the posts you publish. These two stats point to how important it is to spend more time and effort on every piece of content you publish.

This blog provides 10 tips to refocus your efforts on driving sales.

  1. Create and Stick to the Buyer Persona – Google calls these moments… the times when the buyer is looking for information and you can be present to help guide them in their purchase decision.
  1. Include Testimonials – One of the factors influencing purchase decisions is – understanding who has already made the decision. By promoting those companies, you are letting your reader know that other people have safely come to the conclusion that the purchase was a great one.
  1. Re-plug and Expand on Successful Posts – We do this all the time! We take a post that’s taken off and then do a re-plug. This re-plug is then shared on Social Media and  in some cases, is  accompanied by a complementary infographic, webinar or even an eBook.
  1. Develop Content Partnerships – We are currently working with internal and external writers to really drive home some great content partnerships. Their in-depth research is a huge benefit to our readers so it makes great sense that we begin overlaying our audiences with one another and cross-promoting the content we are producing.
  1. Leverage Industry Leaders and experts – It is all about trading audiences and building credibility within our industry.
  1. Don’t forget the CTA – If I can read your content and there’s no path to engage with you further (or any other options like an email subscription form), then why publish?
  1. Add Live Chat – Writing isn’t enough. Promoting isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to prompt your readers and ask them how you can help. You will be amazed at the response!
  1. Retarget Leads – As buyers are making purchase decisions, they often bounce around search results, social networks, and other resources. Retargeting keeps your brand and the opportunity top of mind!
  1. Follow Up with Authenticity – 30-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first. Are you even responding at all?
  1. Use Email Nurture Campaigns – Not everyone is ready to buy on the first engagement, but they may be ready to engage with you down the road. Email nurturing is the best way to keep in contact with them and they’ll reach out when they’re ready!


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Nauman Jaffar is the founder of MarkiTech, an agency specializing in helping market technology companies with their inbound marketing and application development space. We leverage social media, blogging, search engine optimization, pay per click and public relations. Our clients include Univetyourdoctorsonline, HarisVentures and many more. Nauman is also the author of several blogs on LINKEDIN and MarkiTech.