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Health is fluid – Shashi Tripathi, CTO, ImpediMed

Shashi Tripathi is the Chief Technology Officer of ImpediMed, a company that provides  health system solutions.  He is one of the leaders in the healthcare industry with years of experience and an outstanding portfolio. Shashi talked to MarkiTech.AI about various technological challenges he has been facing and he answers the question of how AI can solve these challenges. 

ImpediMeds bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) device called SOZO is the world’s most advanced, noninvasive BIS device that gives healthcare professionals a precise snapshot of fluid status and tissue composition in less than 30 seconds. 

What is the size of your company/business and who are your customers? 

We are publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and our customers are hospitals and clinics.


Tell us about your role. For example, what first got you started working on your role, and what motivates you each day to do what you do? 

I am responsible for products as it relates to software, data, privacy, security and information systems side as well as lead customer experience team. The ability to make a positive difference in patients’ lives as well as provide tools to the clinicians in delivering better care are what motivates me each day.


What are some (top 3) of the biggest technology or regulatory trends that excites you in the short , medium and long term? 

One 30 seconds test has the ability to provide clinical intelligence for lymphedema, heart failure, protein calorie malnutrition, body compositions, hydration and many more in regulatory works. We have several regulatory plans in the area of bone mineral content and renal disease patients. Another exciting area for us to use data is to help clinicians deliver better care to their patients.


Have you implemented any technological solutions as a response to COVID-19 pandemic? 

Yes. Several collaboration tools to make all our employees work from home efficiently on a global basis as we have teams in Greece, Australia and the US.


In your mind, what are some (top 3) of the biggest business challenges your company is facing due to COVID19 / Pandemic? 

Impact of healthcare of postponing electives and important healthcare needs, adjusting to new norms and making sure the workforce is connected in a virtual environment.


From a technology perspective, what are some of the use cases that come to your mind that can improve your business revenue, reduce costs & business risk, increase employee engagement and / or improve end user experience post COVID or new pandemic world? 

Deliver technology and solution to support hybrid working environment as well as agile and be efficient while growing the specific disease conditions offered by ImpediMed.


What are the top 3 IT challenges you have experienced in the healthcare industry including your own company or role? 

Security and Privacy, Data and Analytics and Clinical Integration (EHR Interface)


How can IT and especially AI help you solve these challenges? 

Predictive modeling can help identify security and privacy risk in advance, data, analytics, population management, correlation of fluid to various other disease conditions can help predict disease in advance so they can be intervened earlier.


Where can people find you and your business?,


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