Creating A Small Business Blueprint

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs…Tony Gaskin

As a serial entrepreneur, I wanted to summarize 5 key things before thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.

Based on my personal experience, findings and research, here are the key things one should be aware of:

1. Ability to take on social pressure and the art to let it go

2. Be ready for a lot of grunt work

3. Get the right people on board and wrong people off the bus immediately

4. Ask for help – don’t be shy

5. Manage your cash flow – you need to cover your expenses for atleast a year

One should ask the question – what is the end game and how will one measure success. Is it all about making money or is it about freedom….or is there a third dimension which to me is the most important one i.e, the ability to find meaning in what you do.

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Nauman Jaffar

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