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There’s a lot of work that goes into running a business in healthcare. Business owners need resources, materials, advertising, budgeting, and event management services. Hiring the right people, paying for the labor, and somehow managing all of this proves to be an impossible task. To counteract this, fractional CTOs can be brought in a form of staff augmentation to provide effective solutions to all of these problems.


What is a CTO?

CTO is an abbreviation that stands for Chief Technology Officer, as the title “fractional” suggests, this highly trained professional will be working for your company part-time, splitting labor costs and time. Your fractional CTO can be directed to projects that need the labor and hours put into it. This means, getting much-needed help without having to go through the excruciatingly long process of looking for new hires to help you plan out and bring in fresh insight to your new ventures. In the healthcare field, whether it is tech start-ups or patient care facilities, this on-demand professional help can be just what you need to start implementing proactive healthcare solutions. By using the web application and development implementation integrated with AI or bringing in smart system companies, it can boost revenue by over 30% over the next four years.


What exactly can a Fractional CTO from MarkiTech.AI offer?

Help Identify Your Needs: After we discuss your company’s goals and a brief timeline and budget constraints, MarkiTech.AI can help you determine what new technology is needed to make your plans as efficient as possible. It will be determined if you need a custom software solution built, introduce new hardware and help integrate it with existing technology.


Strategy: After outlining your company’s needs, and where or when it needs to be done, MarkiTech.AI can help create and implement your startup technology strategy. 


Budgeting: A fractional CTO will be your main confidant for all tech-related ventures as they have years of experience in the field. Because of this, they will know exactly where you should consider investing in tech and where maybe you should hold back depending on the return on investments on certain systems.


New skills, fresh Perspective: Fractional CTOs for healthcare companies seem like a great idea due to the nature of their jobs. New perspectives combined with the CTO’s years of knowledge, lead to great new solutions that you never even knew your company needed.  Currently, most healthcare companies are interested in tech because of their high need to improve their efficiency and increase their ROI. 


During the World Medical Innovation Forum in 2018, artificial intelligence researchers showcased their work to cut costs and identified hidden opportunities for proactive patient care by increasing ROI by 200% in some cases where tech was scarcely used. As a result, CTOs have been a great way to start installing artificial Intelligence in medical settings, especially when the existing team lacks the technical skills to do so. 


Reap full rewards for a fraction of the price!

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Using MarkiTech’s staff augmentation system, reap the benefits of highly skilled help for a fraction of the cost. The ROI for investing in our tech experts is grand and can be backed up by our impressive work history serving various Fortune 500 companies such as PWC, TELUS Health, Royal Bank of Canada, Well Health, Bearing Point, Rogers, and many more health and tech companies in North America.

We achieved 94% retention with these clients and over 1600+ google reviews & 4.6+ rating on ios from over 100K+ downloads on some of our products delivered eg., YourDoctors.Online Reviews


How Can Help?

At MarkiTech.AI, we hold a roster of some of the most experienced  CTO’s in the healthcare field out there. From App development to Artificial Intelligence in Medical Research we can handle it all. 

We are your ideal partners to discuss your digital transformation and analytics challenges within healthcare.

MarkiTech.AI, a top AI development company in healthcare based in North America, is on a mission to innovate healthcare one project at a time for payers, providers, and end-users with a focus on community care. We have completed 40+ HIPAA-compliant projects in healthcare and we are experts in AI / Machine learning with 35+ engineers, data scientists & health care experts.

In addition, we provide IT staff augmentation solutions specializing in Data Engineer, Data Science, Ruby on Rails, Ember, React Native, NET, JavaScript, Python, iOS and Android.

We would like to offer FREE digital transformational consultancy via our Fractional CTO team of highly experienced individuals and understand your unique technology challenges and see if there is a potential fit.


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Written by Aamina Anjum

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