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Based on Statista, the global IT staff augmentation market size before Covid-19 was worth 92.5 billion. After Covid-19, the size grew to $132.9 billion which shows a great change in the trends. Priorities and requirements change for any organization and every new project.  IT Staff augmentation can be the answer to the problem for many organizations that are looking to increase their business flexibility.

What is Staff or Team Augmentation?

Staff or Team Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that is followed when a company desires to short-term grow its team for a particular project. Based on the project, a company can decide what kind of further expertise is needed and it can hire the additional staff accordingly, through a staff augmentation firm.  

Why is Staff or Team Augmentation  Important?


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1. Decrease Overhead Costs

Benefits, health insurance, and other overhead costs that are associated when hiring a permanent employee can be a pain point for many organizations. Sometimes these costs can end up being double the employee’s salary especially when we talk about IT staff. In this case, staff augmentation makes sense for companies since they do not have to deal with all these extra costs while ensuring that choosing the best talent will not be affected by not providing the associated perks. 


2. Access to ​​a Broad Talent Pool

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Staff augmentation companies can give you access to a broad talent pool of professionals as many times very specific tech skills are needed for a new project but still, organizations acknowledge the fact that these skills will not be needed in the future for them to hire a full-time employee. For this reason, by utilizing the staff augmentation solutions, companies can hire the best talent with the needed skill sets, for a specific project, and without further commitments.

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3. Higher Adaptability 

Staff augmentation solutions can help any organization to accept projects of any size without getting restricted with the customers’ requirements. Companies should be able to adapt quickly and have enough flexibility if they want to scale their business. 

              Staff augmentation firms do the heavy lifting when it comes to hiring experts and making sure their people will be able to successfully complete any project provided to them. Hence, all an organization has to do is to communicate effectively what they are looking for.

Who are we at MarkiTech.AI?

At MarkiTech.AI – we are your ideal partners to discuss your data problems and what is the art of the future of solving major challenges.

           MarkiTech.AI, a top AI development company in healthcare, is on a mission to innovate healthcare one project at a time for payers, providers, and end-users. We have completed 40+ HIPAA-compliant projects in healthcare and we are experts in AI / Machine learning with 35+ engineers, data scientists & health care experts. 

             In addition, we provide IT staff augmentation solutions specializing in Data Engineer, Data Science, Ruby on Rails, Ember, React Native, NET, JavaScript, Python, iOS and Android.

We would like to offer FREE digital transformational consultancy via our Fractional CTO team of highly experienced individuals and understand your unique technology challenges and see if there is a potential fit.

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