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Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment and it works by using your body’s immune system to fight cancer. Although Immunotherapy can be life-changing with great results for patients, only 25% of patients benefit from it, as Ishan Barman, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, said.

A new project started at Johns Hopkins University in 2021, with the purpose of increasing the number of patients who can receive immunotherapy by identifying who will respond positively to the treatment through an optical technique called Raman spectroscopy. Through this technique, providers can get a full understanding of the tumor microenvironment instead of specific particles. 

The next step was to create a machine learning method that would work together with Raman spectroscopy. This method should have had the ability to imitate the biological variability when the algorithm faced new data. An outstanding number of 7,500 data points from 25 tumors were used in order to build the algorithm.

After continuous testing, the results were positive. Although further research is still required, a new road to predicting immunotherapy’s response opened.This project is not the only project that shows us how machine learning has positively impacted the healthcare sector.

 For example, MarkiTech – AI and ML development company in healthcare- through its machine learning capabilities has been able to create impactful applications such as – for predicting diabetes related compilations- and – predicting the probability of a fall in a senior.


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