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This blog post and its associated images have been reproduced with the explicit permission of TkXel , MarkiTech’s technology partner.

Written by,
Umair Maqsood, Digital Manager, TkXel

Last year, the world witnessed disruption caused by the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) and drones. In 2016, we are expecting some more tech trends – and by following innovation and coming up with unique startup ideas, businessmen can work efficiently to meet the goals they set for themselves.

                 In this year, enterprises will enhance the existing technologies, services and products. In this way, users’ time and money will be saved. Also, entrepreneurs and customers both will have the freedom of making better decisions when they will know how to start a business.

                      Trends like wearables at the workplace, “Uberization” of mobile eCommerce, Cybersecurity will be hot topics for this year so if you are thinking to start a business or need solutions, keep reading as this post is all about business ideas and opportunities. We have pointed out some reasons of startups failure as well, keep those reasons in mind and then plan a successful business strategy.

1. Consumer privacy

A number of people are using wearables and are adopting latest technological trends but security still remains their biggest concern. After installing different gadgets and devices in homes and offices, users are demanding complete control over who will have access to information and data they store on their devices. Of course, it is a user’s right to secure their sensitive information from being ‘stolen’.

             Those companies who can proactively provide services to guard consumer privacy need to create strategies and introduce new approaches as this can be their best start-up opportunity.

2. Cyber security services

Theresia Gouw, Co-Founder and Managing Partner with Aspect Ventures says, “The problem with cyber security industry is that hackers always seem to be one step ahead.” Hackers and cyber criminals are becoming more complex by refining their hacking skills regularly. The increasing sophistication of malicious hackers calls for urgent action by companies to protect their employees’ data as well as their own.

            Transitions can also be seen in the security world and providing solutions for security risks will become expensive for organizations. To help businesses, tech entrepreneurs and enterprises that work for the provision of safety solutions have a lot of opportunities they can come up with. There is a need for innovative ideas to deliver security across a complicated IoT and Cloud driven environment.

3. Wearables in the enterprise

Wearable technology has already been embraced by a number of people. For example, Fitbit is health-oriented lifestyle tracking device. The wearable technology can help organizations to keep a track of their employees and their business activities.

               According to 2015’s Salesforce Research survey, it is expected that almost 86 percent of wearables’ users are planning to adopt this technology for their enterprises in order to increase business productivity and growth. Those mobile app developers who can merge their business with companies making wearables have a bright future in the next 12 months.

4. Digital health and Big Data management

In 2016, we can expect a lot of transformation in the health industry. The Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as Thync, Doctor OnDemand, Microsoft HealthVault etc. have already given patients the freedom to control the devices and to check and maintain their health. But there are chances of creation of those diagnostic tools which might be known as predictive cancer risk technologies / mobile apps.

                   With such an advancement of technology in the health industry, there will be more opportunities for the people to propose solutions and build mobile apps to cater the needs of the customers / consumers. Creation of disruptive solutions will lead to manage big data to sequence DNA faster, speed up the process of analyzing clinical methods of new medical treatments etc.

3 Reasons why most startup ideas fail?

The idea doesn’t solve big problems: You might have the best unique idea for a startup but it has to solve some big problems. If it cannot cater the needs of the people (at a larger scale) who are concerned, you would like to re-think most of the things before investing money.
             Only concepts are not enough: People get excited when they come up with a new startup idea or when they are about to start a new business – but they fail to deliver the product. Don’t ever overlook the fact that you can just go on with only a fascinating idea, you have to deliver the product which people can actually use.
               Inefficient team members: This is very important to know for every businessman, an inefficient team won’t ever bring you the desired results. Make sure that you and your employees know what exactly your business goals are and what end results you are expecting. Most of the startups fail in their initial stages because of the incompetent team and poor business strategies.
             These are some of the startup ideas which can be helpful for various industries in different ways. The best part is that business success is guaranteed. Other than that, tech savvy entrepreneurs and enterprises can find better solutions to their problems by contacting people who can fulfill their business requirements.

             Other than that, proactive mobile and app developers with their innovative ideas, mobile consultants with their solutions and ethical hackers with their skillful tactics can also merge up with other entrepreneurs to start successful businesses. They can also come up with unique ideas for startups for related yet developing enterprises. Also, they can provide their services to those entrepreneurs who are in dire need to make things work.

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