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Artificial intelligence in healthcare has certainly changed traditional practices and has improved the way things are done for both physicians and patients. 

But how is AI used in healthcare and how is it improving it?







1. Telehealth

Artificial intelligence in medical enables several tasks to be done remotely.

  •  Wearable telemedicine devices decrease hospital visits while ensuring that physicians receive their patients’ vitals. For example, Veyetals application.
  • Telepresence robots facilitate the communication between patients and physicians remotely through videoconferences. For example, Yourdoctors.Online.


2. Precise Diagnosis

  • Large amounts of data can be processed that provide high reliability and speed of diagnosing. 
  • Detecting patterns that describe various conditions by examining secondary circumstances such as genetics, lifestyle, and environment. 

 According to the American Cancer Society, the use of artificial intelligence enables mammogram analysis that is 99% reliable and 30 times faster. 


3. High-Precision Surgery

 Robots are a big part of surgeries as they enhance the physical abilities of humans. They perform tasks with excellent precision making the human surgeon have a more secondary role.


 4.  Automated Administrative Tasks

AI in healthcare applications decreases the amount spent on the traditional medical software and hospital management systems and via the robotic process automation, it allows faster processing of millions of medical records. 

  • Result: Reduces the stress of employees by executing tasks manually and it improves care outcomes.


5.  Clinical Trials And Research

Candidates for Clinical trials can be easily identified through advanced predictive analytics. The research takes into consideration much more data such as dietary habits and genetics making the research process more quickly and cheaper by artificial intelligence tools.

According to McKinsey, the journey of a drug from discovery to clinical use is long and expensive: it lasts for approximately 12 years and costs a research company millions of dollars. 



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