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Healthcare providers have long pushed Telehealth as part of their proactive healthcare. It’s a way to speak to rural or disabled patients who struggle to visit, and it limits the spread of infectious diseases. Indeed, after the Covid-19 pandemic was announced, remote patient monitoring via Telehealth suddenly became the norm.

This shift advanced telehealth’s gradual push toward proactive care forward years. In a few short months, contacting your doctor remotely was often the only way to speak. But not everyone has adjusted to the shift so easily.

In fact, many people remain confused about using and accessing Telehealth. In this article, we’ll explain what Telehealth is and how you can access it.


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a buzzword floating around the tech and healthcare worlds. Everyone is interested in its potential, from healthcare consulting companies to the best AI companies in healthcare.

Beyond the buzzword, Telehealth is a revolutionary concept. Telehealth is a way of accessing a doctor without an in-person visit, in any manner. It can be over phone or video chats over tablets, smartphones, and computers. Telehealth also includes sending or receiving messages with your doctor. For example, taking a photo of a rash and sending it across. This is exactly what Sensights is doing. It is a mental health & well-being intelligent platform for seniors and caregivers that offers remote monitoring, personal emergency interventions, access to physicians and data collection.

Remote patient monitoring means your doctor can check your vitals while you stay at home. For diabetics and others with chronic conditions, it won’t just save their lives; it’ll also save them time.


Telehealth and AI

The sudden rise of Telehealth is an unbelievable opportunity for many of the best AI companies. Not one they’ll let pass. Already the industry envisions integrating AI-powered diagnostic tools into the Telehealth experience. So, remote patient monitoring measures your vitals signs at home and then, a doctor sees a report alongside AI-generated suggestions. For example the Veyetals App that measures your vitals via your smartphone. 

Machine learning algorithms can then be applied to vast patient datasets, improving diagnosis and treatments. And it’s all personalized to your healthcare needs.


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How to Get Telehealth Started

Are you a healthcare service provider wanting to implement Telehealth? Do you want to update your pandemic systems? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Invest in an integrated system, like YourDoctor.Online or Sensights, so you have the technical support and organizational structure for success. 


  1. Update your hardware. Using old computers or outdated operating systems means your Telehealth not only is slow but it’s also not secure. You’ll also want a high-quality screen to visualize ailments and see patients.


  1. Use a VPN to prevent access to your system, protecting your connection. All traffic should be encrypted and secured as you handle sensitive patient health data.


  1. Be punctual. To succeed, Telehealth has to be better than former systems. Part of the benefits is the speed you can speak to people; therefore, be on time.


  1. Practice speaking into the camera. When talking to people, you should look at the camera, smile, and stay friendly. Building that connection is important because despite all Telehealth benefits, it does still create a barrier to overcome.



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