Ask most engineers, and they’ll tell you they are also not fond of sales people, for all the same reasons listed above. Ask most engineers if they’d take a sales job, and they’ll look at you with shock and horror at the very idea! Some might respond with a nervous laugh, but most will give you shock and horror.

I  have come across many engineers in my life (after all I was one). An engineer’s sales skills are enough to have one at least consider the validity of their position, though not enough to get most to agree. However, if one was trained in sales, and if he was actually right, he would likely be able to sway someone to their side. Sadly, being an engineer through and through, one lacks the skills to make a persuasive argument, but that doesn’t stop him from trying his best! Sales is simply about getting people who don’t know the truth, to see the truth. At least, that’s how I understand sales. Sales isn’t about being right, or proving yourself right, it’s about presenting the truth in such a way, that it is believable, understandable, and digestible.

EVERYONE sells. Whether you’re arguing the merits of which movie to go see, or which restaurant to visit, you are SELLING. The only question is, are you any good at it?

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Nauman Jaffar

CEO, MarkiTech