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Lead Generation Process using Marketing Automation Tools

The MarkiTech team has been engaged recently in which marketing automation tool to invest in to its sales and leads generation and closing process. As digital marketing and marketing automation takes of, what used to be done only by sales reps, emails campaigns, billboard, and all sorts of events is taking on a new face. There are a few marketing automation tools in the marketplace and it has been an interesting journey so far to figure out which one to select. One of the key reasons for this investment is to convert the traffic being generated to leads and engaging with those clients. Just like any other sales, it boils down to building a relationship with the client. That remains the basic principle and the ABC of sales or any form of communication. A great communication leads to emotional reaction which finally leads to a engagement (and our dream is to convert that engagement into potential client following a sales process). We call that process Lead generation.

What we need to build a relationship with a potential client is more dialogue. Lead generation is a process of increasing sales but mainly by delivering educated contacts that are ready to make a buying decision to sales departments. The more we make an emotional connection with a potential customer, the stronger will be his attachment to your brand and products.

Standard mass e-mailings are usually being associated with a poster or a billboard placed on a busy road. Many people see the message but just a few of them actually will pay attention to it. Therefore, mass communication is rather a kind of cry, aiming to draw attention

The Lead Generation Process that allows you to achieve these objectives should consist of 4 key qualities.

1.The content has to be Relevant to the client (i.e., talking to a problem or opportunity they are also thinking about)

One of the most important aspect is sending messages with relevant content to the recipients. Sending content that’s indifferent to customers reflects negatively on the image of the company, reduces the credibility of the sender and may result in classifying as spam. And of course, not only doesn’t it build relationships with potential customers, but also destroys them. Therefore, when we create a Lead Nurturing program, we need to understand the customer needs and respond appropriately by providing them with relevant content at the right time.

2. The important of having a Dialogue with client cannot be emphasized
The communication between the company and the potential customer always must be a two-way dialogue. A conversation is possible when the other side is listening. The same pertains to communicating with potential customers. It is important to be able to listen to what they want to tell us. Of course, it’s not all about what they say to us directly, it is more important to react to the change in their behavior, what are they doing on the web, how do they react to your e-mail messages, etc. Therefore, in order to conduct an effective campaign, it’s very important to use an appropriate Lead Nurturing technology. What we need is a tool that will give a clear picture of the communication with a particular person through all used channels. Only in this way we will be able to listen to the customer’s needs and appropriately respond to them.

3. Mass email is like a billboard on the road – You have to do more than an e-mail

E-Mail Marketing is the most frequently used method to implement Lead Nurturing programs.  57% of marketers think that an e-mail message is the most effective way of communication. It mainly derives from low costs, the ease of realization and still the positive reception of the message. However, each Lead Nurturing process is multi-channel. In most cases, e-mail marketing actions are supported by blogging, social media activities or sending sms messages. It’s because nowadays consumers spend a lot of time in different places looking for information (websites, blogs, social media, forums). A good educational program will provide them with content in multiple channels in an efficient and integrated way. In each of these channels we should point towards interacting with the customer and strengthening relationships.

4. Finally a Dialogue throughout the whole customer life cycle

It often happens that we care about having good relations with contacts from their canvassing to the final transactions. We forget that each lead involves the cost of its acquisition. Secondly, every customer who purchases your products/services has friends and they can recommend your offer. Maintaining good relationships with customers becomes doubly important. Not only a satisfied and loyal customer will make further purchases, but also he will advertise your offer to his friends. It generates additional revenue for the company. Bear in mind that recommendations are the most effective form of advertising possible.

Finally, as we embark on this journey and make a decision, we would love to hear your comments on the “The Lead Generation Process” as we make a decision to select  a tool that increases sales and brings those contacts to sales departments that would be usually lost in a typical situation. It’s based on increasing the awareness and knowledge of the customer and delivering this contact to the sales department only when he’ll be ready for a conversation and making a buying decision.

I look forward to your comments on this sales process and comments on what to look and share your experiences in this new world of digital marketing, marketing automation and leads generation process?

A consumer, B2B enthusiast, technology sales & marketing consulting and implementation expert

Nauman Jaffar