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The following blog highlights the never-ending debate in marketing. Is marketing all about creativity or is it more data-centric? This blog explains the role of that creativity and data plays for a successful campaign.

             Marketing Professionals have long been debating The Role of Data and Creativity, the tech boom has done little to quell dialogue . With the advent of digital marketing many feel that the discipline of Marketing has evolved from being purely creative to something that is more automated and data driven. This raises the question, has the advent of Data cannibalized creativity, OR, has it redefined the Creative Process?

            In it’s crudest form, The Marketing Process comprises all activities that identify and satisfy consumer needs. Peter Drucker puts it in the following way. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. Data has provided marketing professionals the avenue to knowing and understanding, the customer, often better than the customer knows or understands themselves.

            For example, Data provides specifics on the consumption of a 25 year old male, where he likes to eat, hang out, which mobile applications he uses and when he is most likely to use them and for what purpose. This information (Data), eases the marketing approach decision and as such, theoretically, can serve to and maximize ROI for both the Producer and the Marketer. Consumer behavior and related mineable Data, (trends, hobbies, interests, personal, professional or recreational use and related patterns), are instrumental to the study of the consumer, or in this case that specific consumer demographic, and as such lend well to targeted marketing approach

           Once Data does the groundwork, Creativity takes over. Creating a campaign that resonates well with the customers is the core to a successful marketing campaign. While data plays a key role in supporting this function, it is Creativity that develops the message that acquires attention and interest. Resonating the fact that when the campaign is ready to be launched, data navigates the channels of advertisement and related placement.

           It appears that Data and Creativity run hand in hand, complimenting each other to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Columnist James Green explains how marketing is essentially two halves: the Science of Marketing which deals with Data, and the Art of Marketing which accentuates creativity. The marketing discipline would be incomplete without each of these.

           “What makes the conversation interesting is that sitting right next to the science of marketing is her sister, the art of marketing. Figuring out how to best utilize all these data points is truly an art form” –James Green

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Created by Anum Dhalwani

(Research Analyst,

MarkiTech) on May 9th, 2015