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I have gone from zero to 2 blogs per week in last 4 months. I have started to like writing so much that I am determined to write a book before end of year. Blogging truly is an amazing business tool, and a great way to share your thoughts, experiences, brand, your expertise, and also build relationships with current and new clients.

From a digital marketing perspective, google crawler and search engines just love blogs and contents – all the more reason for me to start focusing on this.

When I started blogging, I thought it would be as simple as putting my thoughts and research on paper and share. Creating content on a blog post is more than just tossing some thoughts, ideas or information you copy/pasted from your marketing materials onto a blank page, pressing publish and calling it a day.

Blogging starts with a strategy and it needs a quiet setting (certainly not surrounded by the 8 and 10 year old shouting around it) to bring your thoughts, do research and most importantly a purpose to be the effective tool of business it was designed to be.



#1 Tip

Start with a Catchy Headline which is very specific: Short, crisp, catchy headlines are all the rage these days and having a clear, subjective, smart and attention-grabbing headline is important. Having said that, there has to be a balance such that the headline is not too hyper or too catchy and disconnected with the subject of the blog.  And finally, please do not make your headline too catchy or flashy that it does not flow well with the content of the blog.


#2 Tip

Value Added Content and keywords is a must:  One has to make sure that content is beneficial, value-added and relevant to your industry or business. In our case with MarkiTech, since we help commercialize technology products and services, we have been focused on helping create content around digital marketing, sales and marketing and topics related and interesting to these topics which are generally topics of discussions on these subjects.  We try and research and form an opinion to generate comments on that opinion.


#3 Tip

Link the blog to the Social Media and SEO: Let’s say you just created the best blog post you have ever written in your business career.  Your new post is dripping with awesomeness and is aching to be shared with the world. That’s fine and dandy, but unless you work to “connect the dots,” or share your awesomeness via all of your social media channels, your stellar work may not be discovered. Business professionals need to remember that every time they create a new article, it needs to be pushed out over social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.  Once your blog post is shared on Facebook, it can be pushed to Twitter using the share buttons you have on your own blog. You can also add a plug-in like Click to Tweet so you can share specific tidbits of your post. Don’t forget to add your post as a long post on LinkedIn and then share it from there as well.  If you’re not taking advantage of great scheduling platforms like Hootsuite, you’re missing out on some great tools that will make getting your content out to the masses easily. Spread the word and gain more readers is the key objective, Drive traffic and let people know your expertise. That is what blogging boils down to.



You need help – we can help you as we have solutions for growing business

At MarkiTech, we can help you increase your web traffic and inbound leads with focus on digital marketing, using marketing automation to convert leads into to sales, retaining and growing the customer base through our trademark ® MarkiTech CERP (Client Engagement and Retention Process).

In summary, we help commercialize your technology product or service such that we save you time and maximize your return on investment (ROI). We can do this as we are the product and marketing experts with over 50 years of partner experience developing, launching and managing over 30 technology products and services in 7 different verticals and 3 start-ups.

We, at MarkiTech, know the key success factors of product success better that anyone with focus on marketing. You cannot afford not to spend money on marketing.


You can start with “limited time” free consultation offer with no obligation by clicking on link below or go to our website (, email to info@markitech.caor call toll free @ 1-844 – 4MARKIT.


Created by Nauman Jaffar (CEO, MarkiTech) on May 7th  2015