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Today, I had a long deep dive session with a very successful business owner of a technology company as was trying to understand his perspective of why he sees no value in marketing.

With 73% of adults (source active on atleast one social media or another, social media is the perfect way to attract and engage with potential customers.  I waited for his reaction for a moment – after a pause, his comments back were – “the world has truly changed in the world of marketing”.

On social media, you can’t drive people to your business; instead, you need to draw them in by being interesting and easy to find. To build your audience and engage with them, follow our easy tips for small business social media success and you’ll be a master of each platform on which these strategies are most effective.


  1. Market your company

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

By running ads to your profile, you can introduce your business to users who have never heard of you and encourage them to like or follow your profile. Once they do, they have essentially subscribed to your posts and you can continue to grow that relationship with further engagement and targeted messages.

  1. Proper Hashtags are so important

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Hashtags identify your profile or posts with certain topics. For example, if you manage a B2B sales consulting firm, you may want to add the hashtags #b2b and #b2bsales to your Twitter profile description. That way, when Twitter users search for profiles related to #b2bsales, you will appear in the search results. In the same way, by adding a hashtag to your posts, they will show up in search results for that hashtag. Some hashtags are searched on a daily basis, while others get no traffic. Like keyword research for your website, identifying relevant hashtags for your business takes some time and experimentation.

  1. Post research and out of world catching content

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Social networks make it easy for your fans and followers to pass your message on to their own friends and connections through shares, retweets and repin options. If you craft shareable content, your message can spread beyond your immediate fans and followers to new, interested followers.

  1. Interact with Individuals

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Commenting on and replying to others’ posts can help you break through the clutter on social networks. Make sure your comments are thoughtful and relevant to the topic and refrain from self-promotion.

  1. Join and Interact with Groups and Organizations

Facebook (Users), LinkedIn (Users)

Getting involved in social media groups and organizations is a great way for business owners or sales staff to network with potential customers; however, self-promotion is usually discouraged.  Instead, you should provide valuable information that also exposes members to your business.

Once you have an audience that wants to interact with you, the easiest way to help them progress is to ask for an email address or other contact information. A great idea to get people to part with their fiercely protected contact information is by offering a giveaway prize, freebie or discount. MrkiTech can help you or your friend’s business develop digital marketing strategies for collecting potential customers’ contact information while offering them something they value.

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Edited by Nauman Jaffar (Original post by Matt Broderick)

73% of Adults are engaged on one social media or another