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complicated marketing technology mix


In the last one year of my market research before starting our own marketing agency focused on helping commercialize technology products in the B2B and Mobile space, I now firmly believe that there is a role for a marketing and technology integrator. With a world of limited capital , reduced opex, limited FTEs and quick time to market bundled with fast becoming complicated process and technologies, it is becoming vital to business operations to have people who understand how the IT and technology architecture works and how to connect those experts to produce the desired commercial outcome — hence, the need for “full-technology and integrators”.

And add to that the evolving and rapid fire marketing angle and, as the graphic illustrates, you have additional layers of complexity. All of the technological challenges remain, and you can now add analytics, multichannel attribution (add to that omni channels –; ) , SEO, marketing automation, content marketing, social media and myriad other aspects of today’s sophisticated digital marketing and changes in terminology every day.

More people and more processes make for greater communication and implementation challenges and the potential for increased costs and loss of focus on the intended outcome. Delays force team to finger point and blame game. Successfully integrating these diverse elements of a business is therefore crucial to its future success.

Today, the key to success is building small, SWAT, cross-functioning teams in across technology, IT and marketing, comprising people who individually have the expertise and knowledge you collectively need, and who also have the skills to connect the dots, work collaboratively and integrate effectively across the organization.

It’s more important than ever not to silo teams and not have managers who are great at individual or big egos. So while understanding the premise of full stack is important, actually practicing the concept of “full-stack integration” for your technology teams and their marketing counterparts will be what it takes to make an organization really future ready.

Do you see a convergence of marketing and IT in your work and a new breed of integrator emerging to tie the resulting stack together? I’d love to hear the challenges you’re facing within your organization and how you’re handling them and help however I can. With over 30 technology products launched across technology, IT and marketing teams, we believe me and my team have the experience and expertise to help bring it all together.


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Created by Nauman Jaffar (CEO, MarkiTech) on May 25th  2015