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Brand Image, Social Media and Digital Marketing

  Whether you are a startup, a growth company or a mature company, and whether you want to sell products, gain subscribers, persuade followers or sway hearts and minds to your cause, you will first have to tell them who you are. Billions of us now use digital...

Is Internet of things really the next big thing for the investment community?

  Millions (by 2015), Billions (by 2017) & Trillions (by 2020) of connected devices – Up uptil a few months ago, I heard Internet of things is the next big thing. Companies were creating significant teams and special Investment funds to jump on the...

Best practices, ideas, ROI and tips for content creation

  Edited by Nauman Jaffar (Content taken from examples of MarkiTech, blogs from UPen, Harvard Business School, Turkish Airlines, McDonalds  and others)   Executive Summary Every business decision maker, digital marketing expert or chief marketing officer...

14 Buzz words to know to raise funds as an ICT and technology start-up

  Although, they say that money is cheap for startups in North America (especially for Tech & ICT Startups), financing your venture is no easy task. Pitching an idea requires using language that your potential investors understand which is where

Marketing, Technology & IT space is getting extremely complicated – what will guarantee product success across CMO, CTO & CIO functions

[cta] In the last one year of my market research before starting our own marketing agency focused on helping commercialize technology products in the B2B and Mobile space, I now firmly believe that there is a role for a marketing and technology integrator. With a...

8 simple techniques to negotiate for tech companies entering North American market

Negotiating well is key to starting business in any country [cta] Executive Summary: A Courtship, a dance –that paints a picture of what negotiations is all about here in North American corporate and business culture. The key to this great dance is to drive an outcome...